Trailblaza™ Gallery and Testimonials



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Showcasing some of our options
and a few of the designs currently keeping our customers happy.

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Style and innovation on display - Make your Trailblaza unique
With custom options in metal finish and colour capping choices.


Trailblaza 85 litre ute with a lower profile with 50 mm insulation underneath and a special lid made to suit a low canopy and camper trailers.

This Trailblaza 60 litre is about to tough it out on the back of a ute exploring in no road conditions in the Pilbera. Norcoast Refrigeration breeds them tough.

Trailblaza half front opening fridge is set for life on the water enclosed in beautiful timber exquisitely handcrafted @woodenboatshop.

This 40 litre New Range is heading for Darwin and life on a boat. Great Tiger supporter!!

Now on the wrapping bench for shipping to the west Tuesday, this 60 litre Trailblaza has some mods done to suit the customer's requirements. A black with grey splash capping tops it off.

Something different a 60 litre Trailblaza propeller plate with 50mm underneath, 75mm around the 4 walls and a special lid for a finished height of 480mm. Ideal for a low canopy or trailer where height is an issue.

Another addition to this Trailblaza family, the latest is a 46 litre ute Trailblaza.
Ideal for a low canopy and camper trailers where height is an issue.

Finished this morning this 105 litre ute Trailblaza is now waiting for a new home. Ideal size for hunting and fishing and plenty of room for some coldies too.



What a great set up thanks Braden for showing us where your 95 litre ute lives. Sure worked well. Dog looked happy too.

Another customised Trailblaza 60 litre New Range hinged motor end with guages right hand side and double struts coming within the capping so it will be a good fit in the camper.


Just the right fit this Trailblaza Two in One 33/40 litres in a Ford Ranger Wild Track. How good is that!!



A golden oldie Trailblaza 80 litre has a new mate 105 litre ute Trailblaza, same height but a 100mm wider. Thanks Col.

What a neat fit this 150 litre Trailblaza twin motors just squeezed in front of the dog cage. This range goes to 200 litres footprint the same but the height alters.

This 70 litre Trailblaza motor right hand end was to encounter height issues so the gas strut was going to be mighty handy in this situation.

Plenty of room for lots of tucker and coldies, this 50/60 litre Two in One Trailblaza might just be right for you for those big camping trips.

Low profile 33/40 litres Two in One Trailblaza with a finished height of 450mm will fit under the hard top utes. Great versatility with the Two in One Trailblaza Range gives heaps of scenarios.

A golden oldie Trailblaza with I've been everywhere stickers joined by a new Trailblaza 35 truck hinged motor end - that makes 3 Trailblazas in this family. How good is that!! Thank you Dave and Tracey.

Another customised Trailblaza, this is a 60 compact platinum finish hinged motor end looked smick with the black and white splash capping. Margaret will be on the phone each day over the Chrissie period.

This 65 Albie Slider Trailblaza is set to do lots of k's and heaps of adventures along the way. Thank you Dessie and Beckal.



A favourite , 40 New Range Trailblaza checker with some extra bits ready for a new home. Great Christmas present!

Awaiting pick up this Trailblaza Two in One 33/40 propeller plate has one side with extra options. Trailblaza units are a totally hand made product so each side can be optioned up differently. Thank you Marshall.

Finished this week 60 litre Trailblaza platinum finish with some goodies ready to make someone's Christmas special.

Trailblaza Two in One 33/40 platinum finish came up a treat - works so well and so very versatile. Nothing like it!! Thank you Des and Sue.


On the truck heading north, 70 litre Trailblaza motor right hand end and a 80 litre with thesame footprint just the difference in height.

A big Trailblaza 150 litre 2 compressors holds a bucket load, plenty of tucker and more than a few coldies.

Heading south this Trailblaza Work Fridge platinum finish with extras and heaps of packing and a 2 stubby unwrap at the end of its journey!!

Something different 50 compact Trailblaza black diamond with some goodies with motor right hand end.

Going camping at Christmas, this 60 litre platinum finish Trailblaza with some options will keep your tucker just right with plenty of room for some coldies.



What an awesome set up, you don't even have to stretch up to get a coldie out of the Trailblaza fridge with everything on board so you can kick back and enjoy the magic spot at Fraser. Thank you Kane.


Shared brekky with a long time resident, mother possum with youngster on the back at the home of the mighty Trailblaza fridges. Norcoast Refrigeration is home to a large variety of wildlife.


I've been everywhere man -a much travelled Trailblaza spotted at a servo on the Stuart Highway in the N.T.
Happy New Year to all my customers (over 23,000). Thank you Cath and Mon.

These two Kelpies have proven their weight in gold working cattle. Spotted having a spell on the trusty Trailblaza RC special edition but their eyes were still on the job. Thanks to Tim and Bek.



Great time to go fishing and enjoy our great outdoors. Hope you caught a few on your fishing trip Dan - thanks for the pic.

These two 40 litre new range Trailblazas are a bit of new kit for one of our local emergency services. Norcoast Refrigeration applauds the wonderful work of all our volunteers - a big thank you for all their efforts.


Heading north Monday, this 80 litre checker Trailblaza with the new black/red splash C capping - plenty of bush work in store for this workhorse.

This inquisitive emu took a liking to the blue sparkle capping of this RC Special Edition Trailblaza up Weipa way.
Thanks Dan.

Trailblaza fridges resident water dragon popped in early this morning just to say gidday.
Trailblaza fridges come in all shapes and sizes with heaps of options. Margaret is always happy to help you choose the one best suited to your needs.



Hot off the press today, this 80 litre Trailblaza platinum finish with the latest capping -- black with a red splash. How good does this look!! Works great too!!



This 46litre ute Trailblaza with a full length lid is an ideal Chrissie pressie for the tradie -special one off unique design

This old Trailblaza just needed a bit of encouragement to fit back into the slide -. standing on the lid and a couple of stomps did the trick and it fits like a glove. Tough eh!! Good to meet you Dan and your mate too.


This 35 litre Trailblaza (from the truck range) has headed for some hard yakka in the bush in western NSW.


Bit of a different look, this 80 litre RC Special Edition propellerplate has a full length lid -looks the bee's knees!!



What a thrashing this R.C. special edition Trailblaza had Ina roll over but still working. How good is that!!
Trailblaza fridges take a lickin' but keep on tickin'! Thanks AB for the photos.

In the outback of the Northern Territory, this RC Special edition Trailblaza sitting on the drawbar of this mobile mechanic's tool trailer hung on for grim death when the drawbar broke, somersaulting end to end two and a half times coming to rest on the lid.
Still going strong 3 years later after a panel beating and a bit of tough love.


This Trailblaza 80litre compact soon to be bolted into a caravan then off on the wallaby.


What at a big sucker this Trailblaza fridge-freezer 175 litre (125mm insulation) is. On the truck trussed up like a turkey heading to the wild west. Definitely a two stubbie unwrap!!

This golden oldie Trailblaza has a new Trailblaza mate to go fishing with to Fraser. Their owners can just sit back and relax now with plenty of room for a good catch, tucker and an odd coldie.


This Trailblaza fridge is in for some hard yakka -going concreting A few shovels flying past won't worry this built tough Trailblaza. Thanks Justin.

Golden oldie Trailblaza fridge on the way home from a North Queensland Barra trip-awesome bit of gear.
A big thank you Callum.


What a little ripper of a Trailblaza fridge freezer especially designed for Santa to pop under the Christmas tree. This Trailblaza is 25 litre but this unique design is available in all sizes.

These two Trailblaza R.C.Special edition fridge-freezers are off on a fishing trip to the Coburg Peninsula in the Northern Territory - plenty of fuel for the boat and fourbie and a few goldie's to quench the thirst!! Thanks heaps Chappy.

Off on an adventure of a lifetime , this Trailblaza fridge/freezer Two in One propellerplate kitted with electronic thermostats is set to rock n' roll on the high seas as it sails into the sunset.

This Northern Territorian Trailblaza is a happy chappy working in the heat on the back of this ute. Trailblaza fridges don't need a "jacket" !!
Trailblaza's take a lickin' but keep on tickin'. Thanks Greg for the pic.


Plenty of room for tucker and a few coldies in these 5 R.C. Special edition Trailblazas in camp on the Cobourg Peninsula -hot weather no bother to these Trailblazas that keep tickin' on. Many thanks Greg for a great snap.


Classy Trailblaza Albie Slider 75 litre motor right hand end looks the bee's knees with a gunmetal capping in a platinum finish.

The motor on the right hand end just like this 65 litre Albie slider was the flavour of the past week. The Trailblaza fridge/freezer is purpose built and customised to suit individual requirements.


Give your old Trailblaza a Chrissie pressie by adding some options depicted on this new Trailblaza like a temperature gauge, voltmeter, gas strut or many other extras that are available

Fun camping at Mission Point, this young bloke can see some treats in Dad's old Trailblaza. I wonder if Mum is watching!!


For the last 21,years this Trailblaza has the been everywhere man - a few beaut stickers to prove it. 

Hot day - no worries for this Mum going shopping with her trusty Trailblaza fridge in the back. Won't have the problem of the icecream running out of the door of this Micra.
Ideal Chrissie pressie to make life easier for Mum in this hot weather.


What a catch, what a feast of red claw to share with friends kept just right in this R.C. special edition Trailblaza fridge/freezer.


ThisTrailblaza will be like a pampered pet cruising in this awesome Chevy.


Off to the top end, this 50 litre Trailblaza new range model is off to go crabbing.
Just the right size for this blokes boat and kitted up with all the bells and whistles.
All we need now is a few crabs.

This 95 litre Trailblaza is off to Tassie. A lot of lobsters will fit in this one -the only trick is you have to catch them.
875 mm (l) X 575mm (w) X 600mm (h)

Trailblaza Fisherman/Huntsman- many sizes available in this range. Pictured is a 105 litre ute 75mm insulation. A serious bit of gear, double the grunt, gets colder faster, happy to operate in hot conditions and still cycle and maintain its set temperature. All Trailblaza units are individually tested @ 43degrees celsius.

25 litre Work Fridge. Ideal addition to your toolkit, this 25 litre Trailblaza will keep your sangers and water just right for the hot summer days. Won't mind if a shovel is thrown at it as you do with your work jaloppy.


This 60 litre checkerplate Trailblaza optioned with an electronic thermostat, standard voltmeter,
low voltage led and inside light with a black/blue splash capping is ready to camping in the great Aussie bush

The home of the mighty Trailblaza fridge freezers is also home to " Gobbie"
Australian brush turkey on his castle wondering where to place his new batch of leaves.Trailblaza living in harmony with our wildlife.


Modified Trailblaza 52 litre to suit the slide of a Patriot camper special 25mm lid, hinged motor end.

Latest addition to the Trailblazer range The Albie Slider 65 litre specially designed to suit the msa and Clearview drop down slides . Available in 65,75,85,95litres


Vm special edition platinum finish two in one

60litre standard in Checker plate
Black with green splash
Optional extras include
Voltmeter & Dial Thermometer

It's not all about style.  Form and function is our passion.  We think about what the customer needs and showcase innovation in our purpose built solutions.

The Two in One Trailblaza - So you don't have to compromise.