Trailblaza™ " R.C. Special Edition "

The R.C. Special Edition Trailblaza™ celebrates 39 years of supplying our rugged energy efficient Trailblaza™ fridge-freezers
to Australians and also many third world countries through our World Health Organization approved vaccine refrigerator/freezers.

R.C. Special Edition Trailblaza™

R.C. Special Edition Trailblaza™

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R.C. Special Edition Trailblaza™

R.C. Special Edition Trailblaza™ in propeller plate finish

It also salutes the co-founder, Robert Albiez. He had great foresight and vision when the business began ago and developed the now proven "Trailblaza™".

Robert was a great Australian, talented engineer and a quiet achiever.

Robert and Margaret have loved manufacturing their Trailblaza™ fridge-freezers all these years and Margaret has
carried on the tradition of the Trailblaza™ with the help of her nephew, Bruce and staff.

The R.C. Special Edition Trailblaza™ is a fitting tribute to Rob and a celebration of the extensive range of Trailblaza™ fridge-freezers now available.
The fridge has added special features to the standard range of over 50 different Trailblaza™

   available in checkerplate or propellerplate at no extra charge
          optional extra : platinum & black diamond - extra charge applies

Please note, pricing is subject to change without notice.

Sparkling Blue Capping

R.C. Special Edition Trailblaza™

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Four Stainless Steel Spring Loaded Handles
Voltmeter with Stainless Steel Surround
Temperature Gauge
Additional Thermostat

2 Light emitting Diodes - one LED shows low voltage, the other is activated when the compressor is running
A Switch to operate the compressor at high and low speed, utilising the variable speed compressor
The Up Graded Lid that is used on the vaccine fridges

All units have a Specially Engraved Plate under the lid designating R.C. Special Edition individual number


** This Special Edition is Available in Any Size and Model **

Specifications and prices:
subject to change without notice